Tell me about yourself

This is a very easy question to answer however it takes a long time to get the answer refined. The interviewer wants to know why you are there and what you can do for them.
You need to have a framework that gives specific message along with a marketing silver bullets. Essentially you are there trying to sell yourself to the Interviewer so answer the question and focus on what most interests the interviewer whilst highlighting your most important accomplishments. many people think that the interviewer wants to know about them as a person, however the interviewer wants to know that you can do the job, fit into the team and bring success to the company. If you state that why you are well qualified for the position and your work strengths you have brought exactly what the Interviewer is looking to buy to the the table. They want someone who is qualified, likable and do a good job so give them your selling point. Why you are the best candidate.

Highlighting your most important and memorable accomplishment in a story is what the Interviewer is most likely to remember. By doing this you put yourself in the Driver's seat and set yourself up for the next set of questions.